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Helping people live protected lives

We all face a lot of challenges and difficulties at different stages of our lives’ journey. For the unpredictable circumstances, insurance is our strongest backup and the best way to manage our life.

However, when to buy insurance completely depends on what you want to protect and where you presently are in your life. Most people, purchase insurance at the time of, or before buying a new valuable, such as a car, home or boat. When you insure an asset, you protect it against risk, damage or loss. You can completely choose the risks you want to transfer to us according to the insurance plans or get customized insurance solutions as well.

In the extremely prone diseased world, health insurance becomes a viable option. We have health insurance policies to insure you against several illnesses and guarantee you financial security in case of treatment.

An independent agent can give you the peace of mind to secure the future of your family. A life insurance plan covers income replacement, mortgage protection, education costs, wealth transfer and final expenses.

Your priorities change as you approach retirement, and your children have left home. At this stage of your life, retirement and pension plans secure you financially when your income starts to ebb. We have plans to let you live without ever compromising your pride and lifestyle. You have worked life-long, now it’s time to transform your retirement years into your golden years. With your changing lifestyle, your financial circumstances and insurance needs also take a U-turn. Whatever you buy or wherever you move, or how old or unhealthy you get, we have plenty of options available to aid you in protecting your lifestyle from the challenges and risks that concern you the most. For complex requirements, speak to our experts! We can assist you to understand our wide range of products.

Your Ability To Work is the Key …. What If You Lost It?

Introducing Our New and Exciting Products:

  • Lump Sum Disability Plan for Professionals
  • Lump Sum Disability For Professionals with Return on Premium
  • Critical Illness Disability Plan
  • The New World Plan
  • The Worldwide Medical Trust Plan
  • The Caribbean American Plan
  • The Emerald Plan
  • The Silver Medical Plan

Re-insurers: LLOYD”S, MAAII and AMFirst

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